Mainstream Music
Mainstream Music (PRO or PRS/PPL)

PRO music requires businesses to pay for performance licences (from PRS and PPL in the UK). It is the best-known type of music. PRO music is the mainstream music whose rights are held and managed by Performing Rights Organisations such as PRS (Performing Rights Society) and PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited). This is the music that everybody would recognise from the radio and the current charts.

In the UK, businesses wishing to play mainstream music (whether on the radio, a TV, a shop-bought CD or any other source) must have licences from both PRS and PPL. This is because the two organisation pay royalties to different people: PRS to the writers and publishers and PPL to the record labels (and through them, the artists). It is worth noting that even when a business has the relevant PRO licences, it is generally not permissible to download music from a download site because most of these sites have licences to offer tracks for domestic use only, not for use in a business premises. We have to have special licences from the PROs (called ‘dubbing licences’) in order to be allowed to provide the mainstream music for business use.

The Mainstream Music Package

All our packages share a wide choice of music, the same great quality and the same excellent service backup.

  • Over 100,000 tracks
  • Fully legal, guaranteed
  • Uses existing hardware
  • Off- and On-line support
  • Easy to Upgrade or Downgrade
  • Every imaginable genre
  • No cancellation penalties
  • Free software
  • Profiling tools available
  • Various track limit options
In addition Mainstream Music includes the following:
  • Familiar music
  • Prices from £24.99 / month
  • Please note: Other licenses needed
  • Please note: tracks limits and usage dictated by PRS and PPL (or other PROs)

To start your Free Trial all you have to do is register and take the four simple steps:

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This link will take you to our secure website where you can register and download the software.

Free Trial FAQ
All our services are 100% legal but for mainstream music you do require performance licences in addition to the licences we hold to enable us to supply you. In the UK your licences need to come from PRS and PPL, but each country has its own licensing bodies.
Our software is always free to download and the music is completely free for the 14 days of the trial. There are no hidden charges.
Your trial will automatically roll into the first month of full service if you don’t cancel before the end of the trial. At that point your card will be charged for the first month.
Just drop us an email to tell us that you would like your service to stop and we will reply to confirm receipt (please look out for this so that you know we have seen your email, and give us a ring if it doesn’t arrive). If you have paid for the service then you can obviously continue using the player until the end of your paid period. We would always appreciate some feedback on why you feel the service isn’t right for your business; you may find we offer additional services that would be more suitable so do give us a ring to discuss what options are available to you.
During the trial you will be limited to 580 tracks but after the trial the amount of music will vary according to the policy chosen. The maximum figures for each package are shown on the registration page but how much music you get initially will depend on the needs of your business: some people prefer to start with a large amount and then only change a few tracks each month; other businesses suit starting with a smaller number of tracks but changing them a lot more regularly.
The music will be selected to fit the clientele of your particular business, whether that is current chart, ‘golden oldies’, jazz, RnB, classical, country, rock, or a huge range of other possibilities, including more specialist libraries such as childrens’, Halloween-themed, Irish music for St Patrick’s Day, Chinese, Indian, African or some other area of the world.
This is entirely up to you! Our packages include a preliminary profile consultation with a member of our studio team and the initial setting up of your profile (if you take a trial this would usually be done during the trial period). After that, the base level service allows you to either use the standard playlists that are automatically maintained by our studio team for groups of our clients, or to build your own bespoke playlists. If you need bespoke profiling but don’t want to handle this yourself then our studio team can build bespoke playlists on a regular basis for an additional charge.
Adding adverts and messages is extremely simple. If you are going to be changing your messages regularly then we can give you a portal through which you can upload your own recordings. If you’re only likely to change them occasionally, they can be emailed to us and we’ll load them onto your account. Alternatively, we can produce the recordings for you, either from your script or including script-writing. We can programme the messages into your profile or you can do this by going to the profile editor and selecting them in the adverts or messages sections.
Our client helpline is manned by customer care/studio staff from 9am-9pm, 7 days. In addition, we have a network of engineers who can carry out installations and equipment maintenance.
Only if you want to be: by default you pay for a month at a time and can cancel at any time before the next payment is taken. Some clients will choose to sign a longer contract in exchange for discounted rates but this would only happen if you call us to ask for an extended plan.
If you want to use the service in more than one site or take a longer contract, get in touch and we’ll tell you about the discounts that are available.