Music4Uonline is a music system for businesses

It was the first system designed specifically with the smaller business in mind. As such, it makes it extremely easy to comply with copyright licensing, is highly flexible, easy to customise and requires very little technical knowledge whilst keeping both upfront and on-going costs extremely low.

One of the key cost-saving features of music4Uonline is that it can make use of your existing hardware.  Although we can supply you with a ‘player’ if you need one (please contact us for pricing), we encourage clients to use their own PCs, laptops, tablets, media boxes or EPOS/till systems whenever possible. 

To do this, you would need the following:

Hardware Requirements
A Device

A PC or other system running either Windows XP or later or Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later. 

An Amplifier

An amplifier and speakers appropriate to the venue.

A Cable

A cable to connect the amplifier to the PC or other device (this usually needs to have a ‘phono’ connector for the amp and a ‘mini-jack’ connector for the PC or other device).

Our staff can talk you through the process of connecting your amplifier to your music player, if support is required.

Copyright Licensing

The copyright rules are built into the music4Uonline software to ensure that you remain compliant at all times.

We offer both mainstream ‘PRO’ (Performing-Rights Organisation, e.g. PRS/PPL) music and Licence-Free music (also known as Royalty-Inclusive or Direct-Licensed). 

PRO music is the same music that you would hear on the radio whereas it is very unusual to hear Licence-Free music played on the radio; Licence-Free tracks are usually unknown in the UK.

Licence-Free music comes from writers and artists who have not assigned their rights to PRS and PPL for various reasons.  

This includes UK writers and artists who just don’t like these collection bodies but a lot of the music comes from countries (mostly the USA) whose licensing laws allow writers 

and artists to make supply agreements directly with companies like ours whilst still receiving royalties from collectors in their own country. Clients using our PRO music will still need performance licences from the copyright bodies for your country, just as you would for playing CDs or the radio.  

These bodies are PRS and PPL in the UK and you need both licences because they cover different rights: PRS pay the writers and publishers, whereas PPL pay the record labels.

Clients using our Licence-Free music, however, will not require any additional licences because the rights payments are included in their monthly rental price.